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Electric Milk Foamer

Electric Milk Foamer

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4 in 1 milk frother and steamer with touch screen & buzzer

Can't afford that expensive coffee? Make barista-level coffee at home with ease by using a milk frother and steamer to create creamy or frothy milk foam and hot milk for your cappuccino, macchiato, or café latte. Applicable for almond milk, oat milk and whole milk. Recommend fat content>3 % for better frothing. Save time: and money.  This milk frother for coffee frothing cold milk foam in 1 min, hot dense milk foam in 2 minutes - just enough time to get your cup of coffee ready or to pull a shot of espresso. The 2 in 1 whisk is capable of heating and frothing at the same time. Auto shut-off & Temperature Control: LED indicator flashing and beeps remind you to start your coffee rating.

Product Information:

  • The touch control panel brings a more intelligent frothing experience.
  • Quietly offer your preferred temp to make rich and creamy froth in just 1-2 minutes.
  • Buzzer and LED indicator reminds you to get your milk or froth in time.
  • Thumb-press design handle makes it more easy to hold.
  • 304 non-stick stainless steel coating makes it easier to clean.
  • Auto shut-off function to prevent overheat.




  1. Due to it being an Electric frother, always separate the jug from the power base before cleaning and rinse the dirt inside the cup (try to not make the water get too full to wet the power connection).
  2. Gently wipe the cylindrical hardware parts outside the cup body with a soft wet towel. Make it dry thoroughly after cleaning.


Warm tips:


  • Recommend fat content>3% milk for better frothing.
  • 2-in-1 efficient whisk, as it is designed for frothing and heating.
  • Please take the canister off the base before pouring the milk
  • The milk must go over the Min line to ensure normal frothing but can not over the MAX marking line to prevent overflowing.
  • This milk frother and steamer are available for heating up to 65°C/150°F, which can bring out the flavour of milk better.
  • Convenient & Capacity &: A tap-on panel to get hot milk or different milk foams as needed, which is way more convenient than button or handheld types. The max frothing volume is 140ml(4.7oz) and the max milk heating volume is 300ml(10.2oz). 4-inch large diameter and non-stick insider make it easy to clean.
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